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I also went out for a steak dinner and to a family barbeque and just made better food choices.Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for pointing out all the good and bad things about Nutrisystem.I have a question though, im gonna get the auto delivery plan which right now they are offering at 50% off for the first month and then the 2nd month at regular charge.I went for fresh stuff mostly and cut down on bread and pasta too.

First, let me say that i had 2 full time jobs and my eating habits are horrible. i just started the program 2 days ago and I have not eaten this much food in two weeks.For myself, I never put the weight back cause I was determined that was not happening, period.I already read your review, so I had a pretty good idea what to expect and it was pretty much as you said.I add broccoli or zucchini in with the soups to make them taste better.One of my friends also tried it for a month when I started my second month and she lost an amazing 14 pounds.I find that the food is pretty good and having a 6 month old baby it is very convenient.

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The vast majority of people who leave comments here are or have been more then happy with their diets and the support they got from NS.The only fats your body really needs are the essential ones (omega 3, 6, 9) and mono-unsaturated fats like from olive oil.I felt I was prepared for the food, but I got a really pleasant shock when I started eating it because it was way better than I thought it would be.This helped me make my choice in ordering my 1st month of NS last night and I will hopefully get it next week.The main reason a lot of folks sign up with Nutrisystem is for a service that does all that for them, making weight loss easier.Also, I prefer not eat my largest meal at the end of the day, but rather in the middle.These are really interesting comments from your readers, and so many.I just checked back thru the comments and realized I never got around to replying to you.

Instead I received six replacement bars in the mail, which I threw away.The shakes could use alittle more flavor but that was expected.What often happens is if the weight gain was slow, the best way to lose it is gradually rather than try and get it all off fast.This is one of the massive and still rising problems that must be controlled in some way.I finished a month on Nutrisystem at end February after being talked into it by some friends and I was feeling fat after the Christmas food binge.

Thats just telling your body to store fats and metabolize food at a slower rate.Also, I now eat my main meal of the day in the early afternoon and taper off with two smaller ones later in the day.

I had a problem with gas for the same reasons — all those vegetables.Well, I put a little weight back this last year and wanted to lose just about 8lbs.NS compiles their dishes to be low GI overall, even with the pasta.This is even more possible with higher-calorie veggies like potatoes, and if people add butter, oil or margarine to their veggies.It includes a meal plan that allows you to choose from many great-tasting.It was a load better than eating a plate of rabbit food like some diets.

I have a problem of my own with the plan, its the excess gas that I am experiencing with all the added vegetables.That figure can increase when you add daily exercise into the routine because you burn more calories and it also helps a lot to drink plenty of plain water.I love the fact I can have muffins for breakfast, fudge bars for lunch and pizza for dinner.My husband and myself like to eat out on the weekends, is there a guide that tells you how to order when eating out, can I eat out on this diet.I started with 30lbs to lose and now I only have 26 left and I still have 3 days left in the first week.Its always good to hear people are getting such amazing results with NS.You may have to go through TONS of weight loss plans before you find the one for you.Hey Michelle and anyone else looking to only lose a few pounds.

Some felt the food tasted bad and the portions were to small.Repeated tweaking of the dosage was needed to bring things back to normal.I recommend to anyone who is using nutrisystem, if you are still hungry eat extra vegetables rather than eating junk food.I was 133 lbs a year ago when I retired and was still trying to tone up from having my 5 children.

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I was successful in reaching my goal weight, but as soon as I went back to eating normal food, I had a gall bladder attack (a few days later) and had to have my gall bladder removed.

Well, my sister was a real champion and she actually lost 30 of those in her first month.I found it a little hard at times, especially in the early days cause I felt hungry a lot.Hi, I just read through this monster with all the comments etc and it took me awhile, but at the end of it, I can honestly say it was worth the time spent reading it.The two combined are much more effective and exercise will help tone up your body and strengthen your muscles so you get a better shape when the weight all comes off.Eventually its voice will become a whisper.and I wont hear it so much.Also NS provides all three meals of the day so its a complete diet designed to help you lose weight.